Get your headphones or speakers out! Here are some of my favorites: artists, videos, websites, articles, generally inspiring and fun content you can explore at your leisure. 

Brazil by sound — a Reveler exclusive 

The fabulous guitarist Matthew Rohde designed an illuminating Brazilian playlist on Spotify to help us celebrate the final days of the Olympics. Check out his fascinating notes down below.

This playlist offers a glance into the kaleidoscopic world of Brazilian music, a product of centuries of musical “cross-pollination” between West African, Western European, and other American musical styles. As a guitarist, I’m afraid my preferences are lain bare: there’s quite a bit of guitar here. But then again — the guitar is oh-so central to so much Brazilian music. The playlist includes music by cancionistas — the word cancionista (as opposed to guitarist, or songwriter, is an attempt at blurring the distinction between music and poetry) — like Joao Bosco, the tenderness of whose sambas in the 70’s and 80’s stands in poignant contrast to the brutality of the dictatorship in Brazil during that era; Yamandu Costa, whose never-before-heard virtuosity on the seven string guitar — an instrument common to traditional Brazilian music — reduces guitarists like myself to giddy speechlessness; Baden Powell, whose Afro-Sambas invoke the orishas — gods — of West African myth; Hermeto Pascoal, whose inimitable quirkiness is matched only by his originality; and Pixinguinha, who is considered by some the greatest composer (as well as performer; he’s the flautist on the recording) of choro — a popular genre of Brazilian music — in history. I simply can’t go into it all now. I’m not going to. But I do hope it leaves newcomers to Brazilian music with a taste for more. (And if you love it half as much as I do, I’ve no doubt it will.) 
Matthew Rohde, August 2016

Why Chamber Music?

What makes chamber music so thrilling to watch and listen to? Here's why I love it and some personal tips to guide your listening.

Reveler's Summertime Playlist

An upbeat and eclectic sampling of Reveler artists from June and July. 


This is a provocative music video from Anderson & Roe, a piano duo I absolutely love. They are friends of mine who started playing for fun together when they were at Juilliard, and have since gone on to be trailblazers in the classical music world. I love their music videos because they bring another dimension to their music - in this case a piece about the disturbing battle between a father and death as death comes to lure his son away. Like what you see? Visit their site for more: www.andersonroe.com/videos/

This is why live performance is irreplaceable. I get a rush every time I watch this and feel like I'm on stage with these incredible musicians. Here are Mumford & Sons and Senegalese singer Baaba Maal in a beautiful collaboration. To order the EP visit www.mumfordandsons.com

Co4 is a dance company in SF that combines film, music, and dance. This super sexy video is just a little taste of their work. To see more visit www.c-o4.com


Get to know your taste in visual art through Artsy. This site makes it easy to browse artists from all over the world, follow the ones you like, find out about shows happening near you, and even buy art that strikes you online. Artsy makes it easy to learn your tastes on your own terms in an approachable way.

Google Art Project

Did you know you could explore art in museums all over the world from just where you're sitting right now? Leave it to google to find a way to bring the art world to our fingertips. The best part is that even if these masterpieces were hanging in your own home, you couldn't  get as up close and personal as what you're about to experience on Google Art Project

These guys are incredible inside and out. They are my favorite string quartet playing today. This video highlights their project called Woodworks, which arranged Scandinavian folk fiddle tunes for the classical string quartet. This is a medley of some of the best! If you like what you hear, visit www.danishquartet.com. Also, if you are not familiar with NPR Music Tiny Desk Concerts, they showcase some of the best musical talent from all genres in some of the most intimate and honest performances I've seen. Click here to check out more of your favorite artists.

The Grammy Award-winning vocal octet, Roomful of Teeth, is super impressive. Watch their ability to be perfectly together, almost like they are all one vocal instrument. This is only a slice of the groundbreaking piece that Caroline Shaw, the third girl in from the left, wrote. She won the Pulitzer Prize for this composition entitled "Partita for 8 Voices".  If you like it, I encourage you to listen to the entire piece on spotify by shutting off the lights, lying down and blasting it from headphones or speakers (whichever are better quality). It's an experience not to be missed.

I don't often agree with David Brooks, but this piece spoke to me. It's a reminder of the power of pure beauty and the way the arts capture it and reflect it back to us.  My word for the year 2016 is Beauty. I am challenging myself to find it in the most mundane places of every day life, and seeking it out  in the places I go, the people I see, the music I play, and the art and culture that surrounds me. I'm finding you just have to look, connect without distractions, and it's there.

When Beauty Strikes

The shift to post-humanism has left the world beauty-poor and meaning-deprived. It’s not so much that we need more artists and bigger audiences, though that would be nice. It’s that we accidentally abandoned a worldview that showed how art can be used to cultivate the fullest inner life.
— David Brooks

And now for some badass women...


I have had the pleasure of collaborating with my  beautiful friend Falu through Carnegie Hall's Musical Connections program. She has found a unique blend of classical Indian training and influences from the western musical traditions, mostly rock and jazz. To me her voice embodies femininity, sensuality, strength, and an energy that is infectious! For more Falu visit www.falumusic.com

One of the best artists out there...Esperanza's charisma is hot, and so is she. Her incredible talent (both vocals and bass) speaks for itself. Just watch President Obama's face as he tries to play it cool and if you like what you see, www.esperanzaspalding.com

It's so hard to put the power of music into words. Caroline Shaw, the youngest recipient of the Pulitzer Prize in music, does a damn good job describing it. 

Excited to see music play a role at the World Economic Forum. Zoe Keating is a WEF cultural leader. She is a beautiful artist who uses her cello and technology to create an enchanting world of sound.